SolarMill – RVA MakerFest 2018

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SolarMill – RVA MakerFest 2018

One of the huge trends in energy is solar.  Solar is a renewable energy (the sun isn’t going away in our lifetime) that can be harnessed to provide electricity to everything we do today.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bertram Green from SolarMill during this year’s MakerFest.   Mr. Green showed me the renovated and remodeled golf cart that he had running some fun equipment all powered by solar energy.  The SolarKart ( https://www.solarmill.com/solarkart/ ) is always a fan favorite.  He was slammed with traffic all day!

The SolarKart consists of a set of solar panels on the roof, lots of batteries, lots of gear and all day fun.  Solar panels convert sunlight into energy.

Energy gets stored in a big array of batteries.

The batteries power the onboard tools like the 3D Printer!


Thanks, Bertram for showing off the things you make!

Feel free to reach out to SolarMill to talk about their 3D printing, CNC or Laser services!


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