e-Interview – The Undead Dev

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I'm a geek.  I admit it.  I have lost hours. ok, fine,  years of my life to video games...  and I'm sure I'll lose just as much in the next few years too.  When I met Robby, The Undead Dev, at this years MakerFest, I was first in line to try out his game, UFO Rodeo.  [...]

e-Interview – Brickworkz

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Every kid loves Legos, right?  My brother was the Lego junky in my house growing up.  Cases and cases.   He'd build anything whenever he wanted.  We built our share of forts, swords and whatever we could think of.   My kids are both into Legos.  B, my youngest, builds creative and ummm unique creations.  H, my [...]

SolarMill – RVA MakerFest 2018

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One of the huge trends in energy is solar.  Solar is a renewable energy (the sun isn't going away in our lifetime) that can be harnessed to provide electricity to everything we do today. I had the pleasure of meeting Bertram Green from SolarMill during this year's MakerFest.   Mr. Green showed me the renovated and [...]

RVA MakerFest 2018 – What a day!

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This year's RVA MakerFest was amazing!  We saw close to 9,000 attendees, makers and volunteers on the grounds of the Science Museum of Virginia. The weather was amazing, the demos were exciting and the food was delicious.  If you didn't make it, well, make it next year. You absolutely missed out! When I joined the [...]

Featured Maker: Claire’s Lab

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I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Claire Hollingsworth of Claire's Lab.  Claire is a middle school student with a passion for STEAM, Girl Power and the Culinary Arts.   She was the first champion from Chopped Jr (Food Network) and was also featured on the Chopped Jr Champion episode as well as [...]

Featured Maker: FIRST® Robotics Competition Team 1086 Blue Cheese

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In this feature story, I wanted to introduce you to the FIRST® Robotics Competition Team 1086 Blue Cheese from Deep Run High School, Glen Allen, Virginia.  FIRST Team 1086 was born when Deep Run High School first opened its doors in 2002. The mission of FIRST® is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders and [...]

Made in RVA: Wandering Cow Farm Felted Soap

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Maker Mary Murphy from Wandering Cow Farm was featured on WTVR today!  Greg McQuade, host of Virginia This Morning learned how to felt soap!  Mary showed off her skills using natural ingredients and talked about the booth she'll have at this years RVA Makerfest! Watch her segment! Come and visit Mary @ [...]

Upcoming Media Events with RVA Makerfest!

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Upcoming Media Events We are excited to roll out some upcoming media events in preparation for the big day on October 6th at the Science Museum of Virginia. Jessical Noll, host of Virginia This Morning on CBS6, will dive into hands-on making with some of our makers! Wed, Sept. 12 Jessica Noll, VTM host, will interview [...]